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Beauty meets balance with this crafted essential oil blend.. Pick your blend:


VINTAGE; lemon and myrrh


DREAM: woods with subtle citrus and lavender


GiGi: sweet and spicy pink grapefruit, floral and pepper put a spring in your step!


OHH LA LA: Gorgeous floral blend with geranium, ylang ylang and more, kissed with peony petals.


GARDEN: Not your garden variety, palmarosa is the star of this scent.⠀


SUNRISE: Awaken your senses with this sweet orange and bergamot blend⠀


LA VILLA: Calming blend of lavender, vanilla, with boyant lavendar buds.


HILLS: Beautiful lavender grounded with Cedar and Ho Wood


LOTUS: Get zen with this relaxed lavender blend with copaiba and more.⠀

CAFE CASSIS: spicy and warm


CAMI ROSE: flirty chamomile and rose

FRESH: Uplifting lemongrass anchored with vetiver and more delicious melodies.

SHADOW: Cozy up with this warm dusky blend of frankincense and cedar wood.

EUCA BLISS: Energizing and vibrant eucalyptus and lemon keeps us blissfully happy!

Aroma Bliss Fragrance

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