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Light and airy, this body spritz is a great way to wear your favorite scent! Non greasy, moisturizing and scented with essential oil synergies. 


Apply after your shower, or anytime you want to smell delicious! 


Pick your blend  


OHH LA LA: Gorgeous floral blend with geranium, ylang ylang and more, kissed with peony petals.

GARDEN: Not your garden variety, palmarosa is the star of this scent.

SUNRISE: Awaken your senses with this sweet orange and bergamot blend

LA VILLA: Calming blend of lavender, vanilla, with boyant lavendar buds.

HILLS: Beautiful lavender grounded with Cedar and Ho Wood, with rolling forget me nots botanicals.


BLISS: Tangerine, amyris and vanilla, vibrant and refreshing!


LEMONBARK: Fresh lemon balanced wih cedar wood to keep your smellng clean and fresh.

LOTUS: Get zen with this relaxed lavender blend with copaiba and more.

WOOD: Lovely floras with a balance of cedar wood and hibiscus flower

FRESH: Uplifting lemongrass anchored with vetiver and more delicious melodies.

SHADOW: Cozy up with this warm dusky blend of frankincense and cedar wood. 

EUCA BLISS: Energizing and vibrant eucalyptus and lemon keeps us blissfully happy!




Bliss Body Spritz