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Balance your space with a Crystal Bliss Candle. The wonderful benefits of aromatherapy candles and crystals are amazing! These long-lasting candles such a thought-provoking symbol: as they shine, they gradually reveal a crystal within.

Hand selected crystals such as healing amethyst, self love rose quartz, howlite for temperament and more! 

The crystal is revealed, you can tuck it into a pocket or display in your home as a inspiring reminder of that symbolic power. 

Choose Coconut or Beeswax or Mix Why Coconut? Vegan, holds a scent wonderfully, melts smoothly, has a lovely glow

Why beeswax?
Candles made from beeswax emit a sweet, subtle honey-like fragrance and clean the air by releasing negative ions in the air.

Cant decide? Chose combo- my personal favorite! 

Choose from the following

Zero- unscented

Peach Tea

Lavender Fields


Wood Spice 

Ginger Tea 
Le Grass

Fresh Citrus

Orange Spice

Clove + Wood

Christmas Tree

Sweet Pine 




Autumn Garden

Cinnamon + Vanilla 



Crystal Bliss Candle