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2 Way Foaming Wash - great for hands or body! Lather up with organic castile soap, vitamin e, and beautful essential blends Softens ,Hydrates & Cleanses gently enough to cleanse intimate areas..without irritation...this luxuriant natural body wash comes in 50 ml or 8.5 oz add a lovely cotton wash cloth to enhance your bathing experience. Select your blend
Le Myrrh: sweet lemon and myrrh to soothe the soul
The Tea: Rosemary, rose, tea tree  
The Spa: Eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree 
La Villa: Lavender, vanilla  Lemonbark: Lemon, cedar wood 
Pink Lemonade: lemon, pink grapefruit 
Bliss: Tangerine, cedar wood, jasmine  

2 Way Foaming Wash